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Advanced YouTube Embed Plugin

Posted 29/01/2013 by Reza Shadpay in Video / Audio
YouTube Plugin for WordPress




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Plugin Overview:

Advanced YouTube Embed is a free plugin for WordPress that enhances the videos you embed in your website. By just pasting a YouTube link, you’ll not only get the features of YouTube’s standard embed, but also extra playback options, relevant user-generated content, and video reactions beyond comments.

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   YouTube Plugin for WordPress

YouTube Plugin for WordPress   YouTube Plugin for WordPress

YouTube Plugin for WordPress

YouTube Plugin for WordPress

YouTube Plugin for WordPressYouTube Plugin for WordPress


  • Video Reactions – Discussions around a YouTube video you embed might be happening all over the web, not just This feature allows your visitors to read them right from your blog. We have a growing list of communities that includes Digg, Google+, Reddit, and Twitter. Recent comments can also be displayed by the plugin.
  • Timed Annotations – Now you can add annotations to a YouTube embed even if you don’t own the YouTube channel. Use it to display captions, links, calls-to-action, etc at a specific time during playback.
  • Chaptering (custom and smart social chaptering)
  • Cropping – Set start and stop times to share just a funny or interesting part of a YouTube video.
  • Instant Replay
  • Looping / Auto Replay – Repeat a scene you like or the whole video over and over.
  • Other DVD-like controls
  • Auto HD

Note: If you don’t see the extra features on your YouTube embeds, you might have another WordPress-YouTube embed plugin that needs to be deactivated first.

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