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Photo Galleries
Shortcodes WordPress Free Plugin

Shortcodes Ultimate, WordPress Free Plugin

Shortcodes Ultimate is Free Plugin . This is the best plugin to generate and add Action Buttons, Google Maps, Accordion, Lightbox, Tabs, Tooltip, and other 50 amazing shortcodes in your WordPress website's Posts/Pages/Widgets. ...

Responsive Gallery Image Effect WordPress Plugin

Gigabox, Responsive Gallery & Image Effect WordPress Plugin

Responsive gallery & image effect WordPress Plugin which helps you add fast and lightweight jQuery effects with social networks share buttons. Visit live preview see the plugin in action.

Responsive Image Video Slider Plugin for WordPress

Hopos, Responsive Image / Video Slider Plugin for WordPress

Hopos is responsive Image, video and photo slider plugin for WordPress with 11 different styles. Can be used any post type and any taxonomy and can be used as widget. In each post can be configured options such as video, large ...

Free Photo Gallery Plugin for WordPress

GRAND FlAGallery Free Photo Gallery Plugin

Free Photo Gallery plugin for WordPress not only lets you add photo galley inside your website, but also lets you to add Video Gallery, MP3 or Music Album and Banner Rotator. Plugin has lot of features which help you to adjust ...

Ajax Content Browser for WordPress Pinterest

Ajax Content Browser for WordPress

Ajax Content Browser for WordPress, like Pinterest website. User can filter content via post type, custom post types, custom categories and taxonomies. Plugin is responsive and supports mobile and table devices. Built-in like, ...

Audio Video Multimedia Plugin for WordPress

Z-News Multimedia Post Plugin for WordPress

Multimedia plugin for WordPress. The plugin lets to add and show video (Youtube, Vimeo, MP4 and FLV), audio (MP3), image and html content (using the Wordpress editor) into your posts or pages in professional and beautiful style...

Photo Gallery Plugin for WordPress Photo Album

WP Photo Album Plus, Free Plugin

Professional photo gallery plugin for WordPress. Helps you to add different photo albums or photo galleries you want by shortcode. Plugin has lot of different widgets, photo rating system, slideshow, commenting system only unde...

Premium Lightbox Photo Gallery Plugin for WordPress

Flare, Premium Lightbox Plugin for WordPress

Premium lightbox plugin for WordPress, which can be used to display single image, video or entire galleries with caption support. Plugin is responsive, touch enabled and mobile optimized. Visit live preview to see the plugin in...

Photo Gallery Plugin for WordPress

PhotoMosaic – Photo Gallery Plugin for WordPress

PhotoMosaic is photo gallery plugin for WordPress. Creates a shortcode that transforms a Wordpress photo gallery into a visually-striking design piece by giving it a fresh masonry layout worthy of your favorite design blog. You...

Phoro image Video Slider Plugin for WordPress

Polaroid Slider Plugin for WordPress

Photo/Video slider plugin for WordPress. Polaroid slider mimics the feeling of the old-style polaroid photographs. Plugin helps you to create slides with image, video or HTML content. You can use image slider as widget on your ...

Lightbox Photo Video Gallery Plugin WordPress

Titan – Lightbox Plugin for WordPress

Responsive lightbox gallery plugin for WordPress which supports a wide assortment of images, html content, Google maps, SWF flash, and videos. It is built around jQuery & HTML5.

Showcase Plugin for Wordpress

Repose Showcase Plugin for WordPress

Repose is a javascript plugin for WordPress which can be used as showcase for different stuff such as: portfolio, images, social links, your team, your USP or features, or pricing tables.

WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin plugin photo gallery

Fancy Gallery – Photo Gallery Plugin

Nice photo gallery plugin for WordPress. You can add and manage your photos/images or videos easily. Plugin has Ajax admin area that lets you manage and set different styles for different galleries. Also plugin allows you to h...

Thumbnails Manager WordPress Plugin

Theia Smart Thumbnails – Plugin

Theia Smart Thumbnails is very useful WordPress plugin that helps you to customize thumbnails of images/photos you upload. By this plugin you can simply choose a point of interest for your image. Visit the plugin live preview t...