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Social Networking
Social Networks Auto Publisher

Social Networks Auto Publisher, Publicize

Publicize is a Social Networks Auto Publisher WordPress Plugin to post on social networks automatically. You can post on Facebook profile and page, Twitter, Google Plus profile and page, Linkedin, Tumblr and Path. Publicize is ...

Social Networks Icons Widget

Metro Style Social Networks Icons Widget

Metro Style Social Networks Icons Widget is a free plugin for WordPress which helps you to add famous social networks icons to your website. Flat icons: facebook, twitter, Google plus, Linkedin, RSS, YouTube, Pinterest. You can...

social networks counter widget WordPress Plugin

Flat Styles Addon for SocialBox

This is an addon for SocialBox plugin. By adding this plugin you’ll get 6 additional flat themes for SocialBox. After activating the plugin, the styles integrate seamlessly into the style picker within the options of a Social...

Social Share Buttons WordPress Plugin

Fixed Social Share Buttons WordPress Plugin

Social Share Buttons Plugin shows social networks icons on any window position you like. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. Plugin has great features and options allows you to select any position you...

extra space widget plugin for WordPress

Ultimate Toppanel, Extra Space WordPress Plugin

Premium plugin for WordPress which help you add extra space to your website. You can insert any sidebar widget in the top panel. Add HTML Content, News, Menus, Archives, Contact Forms and so on. Choose custom animations, dimens...

Responsive Gallery Image Effect WordPress Plugin

Gigabox, Responsive Gallery & Image Effect WordPress Plugin

Responsive gallery & image effect WordPress Plugin which helps you add fast and lightweight jQuery effects with social networks share buttons. Visit live preview see the plugin in action.

Social Signup WordPress Plugin

Social Signup, WP membership with social networks

Social Signup, WordPress Plugin. Login, register or signin by social networks account like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Windows Live, Myspace, Linkedin, Tumblr, Vkontakte,, Yandex, Odnoklassnik, and more ... Featur...

WordPress Author Box Plugin Widget

Elite Members, WordPress Author Plugin

This plugin helps you to display top contributors/authors in your site. For example if you want show last week’s top author or Top Contributors for the Year, or author box at the button of each post, as well as using the plug...

Social Network Sharing buttons Plugin for WordPress

WP Easy Social Hover Plugin

Social Network Sharing Buttons Plugin for WordPress. Helps you add Facebook Share, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and GooglePlus sharing to your photo and Images with a Style!

Social Post Sharer Plugin for WordPress

Juiz Social Post Sharer Plugin for WordPress

The best Social Share Plugin for WordPress. No dubt!. Install the plugin with close eyes, then open your eyes and admire the plugin developer! Definitely makes your website more beautiful. Supported social networks: Digg, Faceb...

Showcase Plugin for Wordpress

Repose Showcase Plugin for WordPress

Repose is a javascript plugin for WordPress which can be used as showcase for different stuff such as: portfolio, images, social links, your team, your USP or features, or pricing tables.

Social Media Icons Plugin for Company Team Page

Teamer – Social Media Icons Plugin for Company Team Page

Teamer is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to organize your company team page by adding photo, social media icons and quick note about each member. Helps you to make your website more interesting!

Social Locker Plugin Wordpress Like Unlock Tweet Google Plus

Social Locker Plugin for WordPress

Social Locker is a premium plugin for WordPress. It helps you to lock a part of content on your post/page until a user clicks one of the social buttons (Facebook Like, Tweet Button, Google +1). This plugin helps you to get more...

Social Media Icons Widget Plugin for WordPress

Social Sprites Icons Widget

Elegant social media icons widget plugin for WordPress. 3 types of icons: Standard, Transparent and Mini.