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Newsletters Plugin for WordPress

Newsletters Plugin for WordPress – MailPoet

MailPoet is a free Newsletters Plugin for WordPress. Also u can use paid services to active professional features. Plugin can be used for post notifications or autoresponders too. We reviewed and rated FREE version. Free versio...

Free Photo Gallery Plugin for WordPress

GRAND FlAGallery Free Photo Gallery Plugin

Free Photo Gallery plugin for WordPress not only lets you add photo galley inside your website, but also lets you to add Video Gallery, MP3 or Music Album and Banner Rotator. Plugin has lot of features which help you to adjust ...

YouTube Plugin for WordPress

Advanced YouTube Embed Plugin

Advanced YouTube Embed is a free plugin for WordPress that enhances the videos you embed in your website. By just pasting a YouTube link, you'll not only get the features of YouTube's standard embed, but also extra playback opt...

Social Post Sharer Plugin for WordPress

Juiz Social Post Sharer Plugin for WordPress

The best Social Share Plugin for WordPress. No dubt!. Install the plugin with close eyes, then open your eyes and admire the plugin developer! Definitely makes your website more beautiful. Supported social networks: Digg, Faceb...

PayPal Download Digital files Products Plugin for WordPress

Paid Downloads – Free Plugin

Paid Downloads is free eCommerce plugin for WordPress which helps you to sell your digital files or products easily. PayPal, Payza, AlertPay and InterKassa are 3 available payment getaways. Upload your files and copy paste Buy ...

PayPal Download Plugin for WordPress

Easy Digital Downloads – Free Plugin

Easy Digital Downloads is free plugin for WordPress, helps you to sell your digital files via PayPal Payment Gateway. Best plugin for eCommerce websites.

Login Logout Register Menu plugin wordpress

BAW Login – Logout menu

BAW Login/Logout menu is free and useful plugin for WordPress that helps you easily add Login / Logout and Register links into your menu. Redirection after login/logout/register is possible too. Just install the plugin, active ...

Social Networks Auto Publisher WordPress Plugin Google Plus Facebook Twitter Page Profile Groups

Social Networks Auto-Poster – Free Plugin

Social Networks Auto Poster helps you automatically publish your WordPress posts to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (Google Plus), LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, vBulletin, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Diigo, Plurk, Blogger, and works...

Search Replace strings database WordPress Plugin

Search and Replace – Plugin

Plugin helps you in search for find strings in your WordPress database and replace the string. You can search in ID, post-content, GUID, titel, excerpt, meta-data, comments, comment-author, comment-e-mail, comment-url, tags, ca...

Content Box Creator WordPress Plugin

WP Boxer – Free Plugin

Plugin helps you to create content boxes by using shortcode. You can add header, image, some content and a footer to each box. Have a look at screenshots to see how easy you can convert your simple theme to premium looking them...

User Registration Login Memberes Profile Pages WordPress Plugin

Profile Builder – Free plugin

Plugin allows you to add registration, login and user profile page to frontend. You can also hide/show admin bar for specific member rules, email confirmation for registering, and you can hide / show default WordPress profile f...

wordpress translator plugin po mo file editor

Codestyling Localization – .Po Editor Plugin

Edit and Translate your plugins (.po/.mo files) or your themes on your WordPress dashboard without any need of an external editor. Translated files are compatible to PoEdit.

Add highlight PHP JavaScript HTML Codes WordPress posts pages

Crayon Syntax Highlighter – Plugin

Crayon Syntax Highlighter is a free plugin for WordPress that helps you to add PHP, Java, HTML codes to your post/pages. You can add more than 30 languages codes such as: ActionScript, JavaScript, C, C++, Apache, Perl, Visual B...

Text Widget Admin Dashboard Notepad WordPress Plugin

Dashboard Notepad – Free Plugin

Dashboard Notepad is free plugin for WordPress, adds a simple text widget to your admin dashboard. You can adjust which roles can edit / read the notes. Plugin allows you display the contents of your notepad using a template ta...

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